Kevin Sabet Brings 'Reefer Madness Roadshow' To Oregon


Kevin Sabet is the front man for marijuana prohibition these days. Kevin Sabet tries as hard as he can to appear to be just a normal guy trying to educate people about marijuana, but in reality he is Henry Anslinger reincarnated. Kevin Sabet is on a crusade to keep marijuana prohibition in place at all costs, even if it includes sounding like an idiot over, and over, and over.

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Kevin Sabet recently visited my home state of Oregon to talk to members of the Oregon Legislature. Public testimony wasn't allowed, so it was just Kevin Sabet spreading reefer madness at the Oregon capital, with a little bit of a question and answer session afterwards. I was hoping to attend the event, but as is always the case, I had to work. But I did follow the testimony on social media, which revealed that Kevin Sabet is still using the same old, weak arguments he has been using for years now.

To paraphrase Russ Belville, Kevin Sabet basically told the Oregon Legislature that a marijuana legalization initiative is imminent in Oregon, and that the Legislature should do nothing except hope that voters in Oregon don't approve it. Why Kevin Sabet flew all the way out to Salem, Oregon to give such horrible advice is anyone's guess?

You can read Kevin Sabet's entire testimony at this link here. Feel free to pause from time to time while reading it to bring yourself back to reality. One of my favorite things about this event was reading on Noelle Crombie's twitter that Russ Belville put a flyer on every chair before Kevin Sabet's testimony. Not allowing public comments was harsh, but as we all know, there are ways around it! I can't wait until future generations look back on Kevin Sabet, and label him as the fear mongering reefer madness enthusiast that he really is.