June 15, 2015

Kevin Sabet Says Marijuana Legalization Is ‘All About Money’ While Being Paid With Taxpayer Dollars

June 15, 2015
kevin sabet tobacco web sites marijuana
kevin sabet tobacco web sites marijuana
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In not so shocking news, Kevin Sabet is a hypocrite. Kevin Sabet recently visited the State of Montana where he gave a speech to a crowd of mostly prosecutors and members of law enforcement. It was bad enough that Kevin was preaching his form of reefer madness to the crowd, and claiming that ‘legalization is about one thing, and that’s money.’ It’s worse that Kevin Sabet was getting paid with taxpayer dollars to give his three hour presentation. That’s right, the same guy that is howling about marijuana legalization being only about profits is lining his own pockets with money from taxpayers while he’s spouting his lies and half truths. According to Russ Belville, who is always in the know when it comes to Kevin Sabet, had the following to say:

What’s really awful too is that people in Montana were actually believing what he was saying, including at least one media outlet in Montana. Below are excerpts from an article in the Helenair:

Sabet opposes legalization but he also maintains marijuana users should not be prosecuted and jailed.

The legalization movement, to him, is driven more by people interested in getting rich than stoners looking to get high legally.

Among the “myths” cited by Sabet are that marijuana is harmless and nonaddictive; eaten or smoked marijuana has medicinal value and that countless people are behind bars for smoking marijuana.

The article acts as if Kevin Sabet supports marijuana decriminalization. But after many, many attempts to try to get Kevin Sabet on the record as supporting marijuana decriminalization, he has always refused to do so. That’s because Sabet does not actually support marijuana decriminalization, and only hints that he does so it makes uneducated people on the subject think that he does. It’s nothing more than a rhetoric-based tactic.

As far as the ‘myths’ that Kevin Sabet cited in his presentation, anyone with access to a search engine or quality library can debunk those claims very quickly. There is a speck of truth in what Kevin Sabet is saying. Yes, for at least one person out there the battle over marijuana legalization is all about money and profit, and that one person is Kevin Sabet. Kevin Sabet gets paid thousands of dollars to give a presentation for a couple/few hours, and that is the primary motivation behind what he does. The second people quit using taxpayer dollars to fund his work, Kevin Sabet will move on to something else in a blink of an eye. Meanwhile marijuana reform activists who get nothing more out of their efforts than the feeling of helping the world will still be doing what they are doing, not because it makes money, but because it’s the sensible, compassionate thing to do.


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