May 7, 2013

Law Enforcement Against Prohibition’s 10 Year Anniversary Video

May 7, 2013
law enforcement against prohibition leap Shelly Fox-Loken

law enforcement against prohibition leap anniversary videoI have long stated that the main reason that some people think that marijuana is ‘bad’ is because they can get arrested for it. They don’t look at the plant for what it is. They don’t realize that marijuana is safer than alcohol and tobacco, because after all, you can buy those at a store and law enforcement almost never knocks someone’s door in with a battering ram because they have it.

That’s why Law Enforcement Against Prohibition’s (LEAP) message is so powerful. When people that are on the fence about the issue hear former members of law enforcement talk about the fact that prohibition is far, far worse than legalization based upon first hand experience, they listen.

See why Michelle Alexander calls Law Enforcement Against Prohibition “one of the most strongest voices against the War on Drugs anywhere in the world!” LEAP’s 10 year video demolishes the war on drugs and gives an intimate view into a remarkable organization of former drug warriors.


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