March 7, 2015

Legalize Maine Announces Hiring Of Supervisor And Volunteer Coordinator

March 7, 2015
portland maine marijuana legalization

portland maine marijuana legalizationLegalize Maine, the group leading the citizens initiative to legalize the recreational use of marijuana, announces the hiring of Lynne Williams as Supervisor and Volunteer Coordinator for the signature drive to place “An Act to Legalize Marijuana” on the 2016 ballot.

Lynne Williams, an attorney in Bar Harbor, worked with Legalize Maine in the drafting of the citizens initiative. She has had extensive experience as an activist and advocate, having represented medical marijuana patients and caregivers for more than a decade.

Prior to becoming an attorney, Lynne was a political organizer in San Francisco, southern California and New Hampshire. She is on the NORML legal panel and has been a presenter at NORML national legal conferences. “I am so excited to be in the position of making a historic change in the drug laws which have long vilified marijuana and marijuana users and filled our prisons with non-violent offenders.” Williams said “The change is long overdue and I am thrilled that Maine is likely to be the next state to move forward on this issue. Anyone who is interested in volunteering or making a donation should visit the website

Paul T. McCarrier, President of Legalize Maine added “We are excited about having Lynne join our team. Her experience and professionalism give us great confidence in our drive to collect signatures this year. This hire will strengthen our fund raising efforts, which have exceeded our expectations, we are ahead of our goals and are comfortable we will have ample funds available to finish the process”.

When asked when Legalize Maine would start gathering signatures, McCarrier said that the group plans to start collecting in April, with plans to have the necessary signatures gathered by the end of November. “With the recent approval of a clean elections citizens initiative, which will be considered by the legislature, we are very confident that we can collect these signatures.”


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