Let Me Know When Miley Cyrus Supports Marijuana Reform Efforts

miley cyrus marijuana

(image via wikipedia)

The MTV music video awards occurred recently, which if you are on social media, then you are already well aware of that fact. You are then also likely aware that Miley Cyrus was the host, and she debuted a song about marijuana, and that she loves marijuana, and marijuana loves Miley, and they are going to live happily ever after together. As seems to always be the case with Miley Cyrus and marijuana, the media couldn't help but swoon at every reference to marijuana that was made and/or insinuated by Miley and others.

I get that Miley Cyrus is very successful and famous, and I get that she loves marijuana. But what I don't get is that the media eats up every time Miley Cyrus lights up a joint, but they are almost no where to be found when it comes to an ordinary person getting arrested for doing the same thing in the same city. I will be the first to commend Miley Cyrus on her career, which regardless of how one feels about her music and image, I think that we can all agree that she is successful. And she isn't obligated in anyway to do anything for marijuana reform efforts. But it would be amazing to see her do so.

I do on the other hand blame the media for having a double standard, and I do urge Miley Cyrus to support reform. If Miley loves marijuana so much, and loves celebrating with marijuana, then she should want others to experience the same level of freedom with marijuana that she does. I don't think that's too much to ask. With Miley's resources and fame, she could do things for the marijuana reform movement that no one has ever done before to this point.

What do TWB readers think? Are you tired of seeing the media (even some marijuana media) cover Miley in a way that seems to brush marijuana prohibition under the rug? Again, what she does on Instagram and on stage would get the average person arrested in most parts of America. Do TWB readers think that getting help from a polarizing figure like Miley Cyrus would be a good or bad thing? Why or why not? I look forward to reading your comments. If any of Miley Cyrus' people read this, and feel compelled to support activism, shoot me an e-mail and I would be happy to provide a list of very worthy causes.