March 19, 2011

Maine Might Raise Marijuana Possession Limit

March 19, 2011
lansing michigan marijuana safer law laws petition

I received this from

Under LD 750 and 754, the law would raise the possession limit from 2.5 to five ounces and permit the cultivation of cannabis plants for personal use up to six plants while still treating infractions a civil cases instead of criminal ones. State Rep Ben Chipman raises an amazing point by saying:

“I just do not think that it’s reasonable to allow 2.5 ounces to be a civil infraction but having zero tolerance for plants and forcing consumers to the black market”

Work sessions are already scheduled amongst this committee which will hopefully bring LD 750 and 754 into fruition despite opposition from Maine’s DEA director.

Note that Maine has a yet-to-be-finished bill that would completely decriminalize marijuana being written with state rep Diana Russell from Portland at the head being the lead sponsor.

To not give off the impression that Maine is a state lax on drugs, the state looks to raise the penalties for possession of cocaine and crack cocaine with LD 44. Understandable though, all Greenies already know that crack is wack anyway.


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