Marijuana Breathalyzer Is A Gimic At Best

marijuana breathalyzer

(via ctv news)

Last month I posted an article about a former law enforcement member in Canada that claimed to invent a marijuana breathalyzer. As valued contributor to The Weed Blog Radical Russ put it, the device is built on junk science. It appears that the company that makes the device is moving forward with production. Per Baystreet:

West Point, plans to capitalize on the greenrush from a novel perspective, while avoiding the shoulder-to-shoulder at Health Canada's application desk. On June 16, 2014, West Point finalized an agreement with Cannabix Breathalyzer Inc. to license the North American Rights to the Cannabix Marijuana Breathalyzer.

As I pointed out in my previous article, and as many other marijuana reformers pointed out, the breathalyzer doesn't prove that the individual driving is impaired. I'm leary as to whether or not the device works at all in detecting marijuana. But let's assume it does, and it does indeed detect marijuana on someone's breath. The device doesn't measure whether or not a person is impaired, or how long ago they consumed marijuana, or what form of marijuana they consumed, etc.

All the device does is indicate that marijuana is present, and there still needs to be further field sobriety tests conducted to determine if the individual is impaired. At which point, if the field sobriety tests are still needed to prove impairment, then the device is pointless altogether. I can't wait to see this device thrown out of court over and over, if and when it is ever used by law enforcement.