June 1, 2013

Marijuana Decriminalization Law Takes Effect In Saint Louis

June 1, 2013
st louis saint marijuana decriminalization

st louis saint marijuana decriminalizationI have been fortunate to live my entire life in Oregon, which is a very progressive state when it comes to marijuana laws. Oregon’s marijuana laws are not as progressive as I’d like, but they are much better than many states in the Midwest and other parts of America. One state that I am particularly proud of in regards to marijuana reform is the state of Missouri. The people on the ground there are waging a campaign that all other states should take notice of.

They seem to be pursuing a ‘local model’ which is reforming marijuana laws one municipality at a time. This is a great strategy, because it’s easier to do than pursuing statewide reform, and it will no doubt result in a lot of ‘baby steps’ turning into one big giant leap. As citizens in the state of Missouri see that marijuana laws have been reformed, and that they are working, they will be more likely to vote for a statewide initiative. Below is a message posted by John Payne which originally appeared over on our friends at National Cannabis Coalition’s website:

By John Payne

This Saturday, June 1, the recently passed cannabis decriminalization ordinance will take effect in the City of Saint Louis. The new law eliminates the possibility of jail time, limits the fine, and prevents people charged with possession of marijuana in the city from receiving a permanent, public criminal record.

Coincidentally, June 1 is also my thirtieth birthday, and seeing this law implemented is the best birthday gift I can imagine. You can make it even better, however. If you would like to help me celebrate this new reform and my birthday at the same time, contribute now!

Those who know me personally will attest that I am not very concerned with material possessions. I am far more interested in creating positive change in the world than in owning more things, so the best possible gift I could receive is a contribution to the cause of marijuana law reform in Missouri. Or, go one better, and sign up to make a monthly contribution!


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