Marijuana Has Flooded the West Coast

pile of weed

Today one of my friends from the Midwest called me and asked me if it was harvest season in Oregon, and if there was anything good around…As anyone on the West Coast can attest, super quality marijuana is EVERYWHERE on the West Coast right now. If you are down with some organic outdoor, then there is literally more of it than you could smoke. I know what some readers are thinking; I will smoke it all, bring it on! To this kind of reader — make a trip to the West Coast (anywhere) and you will not be disappointed.

As a result of the laws of supply and demand, prices are the lowest I have ever seen them, and I have been around a long, long time. I was talking to a guy at a social here in Oregon, and he had outdoor at 3 pounds for 4 g’s. That’s insane! Indoor prices are also falling as a result of such a large amount of outdoor around. I know a lot of sellers, and they are all complaining about how slow things are due to so much abundance around. Getting a 25 dollar eighth is the new standard for the top level.

Last fall was one of the wildest times in the marijuana scene here in Oregon, with so much marijuana around it was practically growing in the streets. All of the veterans I have talked to from Ashland to Portland have all told me that they planted 3 to 5 times as much crop this year as they did last year, indoors and outdoors, and it is showing. People that NEVER tried selling marijuana are trying to sell it now, because they thought they could buy a cheap pound and flip it…only to find out that EVERYONE else had the same idea LOL.