December 18, 2011

Marijuana Hero – Wisconsin Marijuana Activist Jay Selthofner

December 18, 2011
jay selthofner wisconsin

jay selthofner wisconsinJay Selthofner from Wisconsin is one of the top marijuana and hemp activists in the nation.

I first came across Jay Selthofner during the 2010 Election. Jay was running for Wisconsin State Assembly in District 41, and was running on a pro-marijuana and hemp platform. I wrote an endorsement article praising Jay Selthofner as a breathe of fresh marijuana air in a political world that is full of stale reefer madness smoke. Jay’s website stated “I have focused on the hemp cannabis marijuana issue because it addresses several areas of overall concern within one conversation. Marijuana law reform is supported by the general public, and in the course of my work in the district over the past year I have found overwhelming support for the issue from all types of people from all walks of life, each with a unique story and viewpoint on the matter.” It’s not very hard to see why he’s one of my marijuana heroes right?

It’s been awhile since I talked to Jay online, but from looking at his website, it looks like Jay Selthofner is still up to the same worthwhile endeavors. Here is an excerpt from the official Jay Selthofner website, “Jay Selthofner is a concerned citizen activist who is passionate about creating new jobs in farming and other sectors, improving our local economy, healing hurting patients, conserving natural resources, and many other issues. Jay Selthofner is the Wisconsin ambassador for Americans for Safe Access. He is the founder and current Executive Director of Northern Wisconsin NORML, which meets weekly at the Berlin, Wisconsin Public Library. ”

As if that wasn’t enough credentials, Jay Selthofner, co-owner of THC Indicastries, is an authorized sales representative for Treating Yourself Magazine, The Alternative Medical Journal. It blows my mind how this guy has time to do all of the things that he does. If we had a Jay Selthofner in every metro area of the United States, can you imagine what marijuana policy in America would look like? I praise you Mr. Selthofner, and I encourage all marijuana activists to try to be more like you!


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