Marijuana Legalization For Ladies


By Amber Langston

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Last week in Kansas City, Show-Me Cannabis launched the first of many salons to come geared specifically for ladies. About 50 people (mostly women) packed the room at the "Women and Cannabis" meet-up at the Bluebird Bistro on Thursday, January 8, to discuss how women are uniquely affected by marijuana prohibition --- and why women are in a unique position to end that prohibition. Many shared their own stories of encounters with law enforcement. Others were surprised to learn that women in prison are routinely shackled during child-birthing or that children may be removed from a home on mere suspicion of illegal drug use. All agreed that our current punitive policies don't work, and that women have a unique opportunity to bring about a more nurturing and health-based approach to dealing with cannabis use.

I must say, attending this event was truly one of the most empowering situations of which I have been able to be a part. Up to this point, we have never truly created a space for women in Missouri to dialogue on these issues. Not only is it vital to "get the vote" of the female demographic currently in support of prohibition, there is value in making room for women to participate in this new industry. Like so many other areas of business, the playing field of "cannabusiness" is dominated by male leadership. So as we all work to move the marijuana market out of the shadows of illegal activity, I hope that we can ensure support for the success of women in this industry.

Please keep an eye out for future events throughout Missouri!

We intend to have an event in Kansas City again on Thursday, February 5, but, since we filled capacity at our last location, the next venue is yet TBA.

In Columbia, we will have a Women and Cannabis event on Wednesday, February 4 (location TBA).

St. Louis will be planning a ladies-centered event in the near future --- look for something in late February or early March.

Springfield is planning for something major in May, but don't be surprised if activists demand something sooner. So keep an eye out!

The legislative session has also begun in Jefferson City, and as moms, daughters, and sisters, women should be presenting their voices to our legislators. If you are interested in getting involved with the women's lobby for Show-Me Cannabis or would like to help organize a local event, please send me an email at

Finally, if you want learn more about why I personally feel this fight is important, you may want to check out the feature story printed in last week's edition of The Kansas City Star. As my mom is quoted saying, "If she really believes something is not a right rule, she is willing to fight about it. And when she really believes in something, she puts her whole self into it."

Please help me fight and contribute today!

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