November 25, 2014

Marijuana Legalization Proposal Filed In Georgia

November 25, 2014
georgia medical marijuana

georgia medical marijuanaWhen it comes to marijuana legalization efforts, the State of Georgia is probably not the first state that pops into your mind. But, despite Georgia not being at the top of people’s ‘marijuana legalization watch list,’ marijuana legalization efforts are underway in the Peach State. Per The Joint Blog:

Georgia State Senator Curt Thompson has filed a constitutional amendment aimed at legalizing recreational cannabis for everyone 21 and older.

Senate Resolution 6 will be considered by the state’a Legislature when it reconvenes on January 12th. If approved by lawmakers, it will be placed on the ballot to be voted on by the people before becoming law.

I would LOVE to see Georgia voters get a chance to vote on marijuana legalization. If voters turned down the proposal, I would be much more comfortable with that outcome than if the decision was made entirely by politicians. Do you live in Georgia? If so, what do you think the chances are that marijuana legalization would pass if the opportunity presented itself in Georgia? A victory in Georgia would be huge!


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