June 10, 2013

Marijuana Legalization Vote Falls Short On Maine House Floor

June 10, 2013
portland maine marijuana legalization

maine marijuana legalization house voteBy Erik Altieri, NORML Communications Director

On Friday, marijuana reformers recorded the closest vote for a legalization measure on the floor of a state legislature in recent history.

Rep. Diane Russell’s LD 1229, which would place the question of legalization before Maine voters this fall, was narrowly rejected in a 71 to 67 vote. We only managed to get this vote so close because of the outpouring of support via phone and email that Representatives heard from their constituents. Never doubt the power that making you opinion known to your elected officials has a very quantifiable effect.

The good news is that the fight for legalization in Maine still isn’t over for this year. Representative Russell just informed us that she intends to continue the fight for legalization to the floor of the State Senate. The Senate will vote on LD 1229 as soon as Monday.

Maine residents, this is our final chance for this year, we need to give it everything we have. There is strong support for this legislation in the Senate, but in order to get the majority we need some more Senators need to be encouraged to come to our side.

It is of the most urgent importance that you take a minute of your day and call the Senate and urge your State Senator to vote “YES” on the minority report for LD 1229 and let the people of Maine decide if they want to legalize marijuana and end this failed prohibition.

Maine Senate Phone: 1-800-423-6900

Tell them “I’m calling to support the minority report on LD 1229, it is time to let the people of Maine decide if it is time to end marijuana prohibition. I urge my Representative to vote “Yes” on this measure.”

Unsure who your State Senator is? Click here to enter your Zip Code and find out.

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