March 7, 2011

Marijuana Reform in Arizona

March 7, 2011
AZ Flag
Thank you all for your support of AZ4NORML, marijuana, and marijuana law reform. We have lots of exciting things happening in Tucson and around Arizona. Please check out the newsletter and please support our nonprofit NORML chapter. We accept donations of cash or check or please use our website’s donate page to donate with your credit or debit cards. We will be holding our spring raffle with the drawing held on May 07. Please donate any goods, services, and/or art to support our fundraising raffle. Have a great week and I hope to see you at our monthly meeting on Saturday, March 12, 2011, details below.
AZ4NORML Meeting – Saturday, March 12 3PM
Please join us for the AZ4NORML monthly meeting next Saturday March 12, at the Ward 6 Council offices at 3202 E. 1st Street, 1 block South of Speedway Blvd and 1 block East of Country Club Rd in Tucson. New members are always welcome. We will be discussing prop 203 and our upcoming plans. Please help us make a difference in the community. These meetings are free and open to the public and no memberships are required.

As a reminder, the upcoming AZ4NORML monthly meetings will be on:

April 9
May 14
Please mark your calendars accordingly.

AZ4NORML will hold its weekly leadership meeting Wednesday, March 9, at 3PM at the Ward 6 Council Offices. Please help us determine the future and ways we can become more effective. AZ4NORML sponsorships should be current in order to vote on important issues, you can always attend leadership meetings for free to observe or to contribute thoughts and ideas. Sponsorship is $50 a year or $5 a month. AZ4NORML sponsorships are encouraged in order to fund our ambitious outreach planned for 2011.

You can also donate to AZ4NORML by purchasing items at Check out the link here, it costs you nothing and helps raise money for AZ4NORML!

Sensible Tucson Announced – City of Tucson Residents Needed
“Sensible Tucson” Announced: A group in Tucson has filed the paperwork to reduce the penalties that possession of marijuana or possession of marijuana drug paraphernalia can bring. Did you know possession of marijuana in Arizona can be a felony? If Sensible Tucson passes, it will reduce the penalties to less than $75 and no jail time, no felony, no drug treatment, and no other fines for responsible adults ages 18 or older possessing 2 1/2 ounces or less. Sensible Tucson representatives will be collecting signatures at all of our events and we need your help. If you are a registered voter of Tucson, please contact us to sign this important petition and if you would like to collect signatures, we could use your help as well.
Prop 203 Implementation Update

I received this from AZ Norml. If you live in Arizona, please leave some comments about what you are seeing on the ground. As the newest MMJ state, I’m really curious to hear what’s going on ‘inside the fish bowl’:

The second comment period for the medical marijuana rules has closed, and all of the comments are posted at the ADHS (with personal information and foul language removed). The expected publication date for the final rules is March 28.

Meanwhile, the State Bar of Arizona has concluded that attorneys are entitled to help clients navigate the Prop 203 implementation even though they are aiding people in breaking federal laws. The attorney must reasonably believe that the client’s plans fall within prop 203, and they will be required to inform their clients about the potential risk with the feds. The Ethics Committee concluded that attorneys should be able to help clients conform to the state law, which outweighs the conflicts.

Medical Marijuana book available for online reading
The National Academies Press, publisher for one of the mainstream books on medical marijuana, Marijuana as Medicine?: The Science Beyond The Controversy (2000), has made the book available for online reading. The authors examine available research on marijuana and its ability to treat various symptoms, with chapters on pain, AIDS, cancer, muscle spasticity, neurological disorders, and glaucoma.
Upcoming Events
On Saturday, April 30 from Noon to 10PM the annual Tucson Folk Festival will take place with headliner Tony Furtado and on Sunday, May 01st from 11AM – 9PM featuring the Kevin Pakulis Band. We need volunteers to help us setup, tear down and operate this important commmunity outreach. We will have a 10×10 tent stocked full of information and great marijuana related gear! Email for more details and to volunteer, please indicate the shift you will be able to help with.

Please save the date for Saturday, May 7, for local participation in the Worldwide Marijuana March! We are still planning the route and other details, but we know the date for sure. If you would like to help us with our parade, please send us an email at

Phoenix NORML Meeting March 16, 7PM
Phoenix NORML will be holding their next meeting on Wednesday, February 16th at 7:00 PM at the Firehouse Gallery, 1015 N. First St, Phoenix, AZ, 85004. Coffee & treats will be sold and you may BYOB. Please dress for the weather, this meeting is held outdoors.
New Poll Shows Majority Support for Marijuana Legalization
The British news magazine The Economist released a new poll last month showing clear majority support among Americans for legalizing marijuana. The Economist’s report is here, and the poll itself is here (scroll down to question 30).

As if to test the truth of the poll, marijuana law reform advocates have filed legalization initiatives in Washington, Oregon, and Massachusetts. Nine other states, including Arizona, have introduced decriminalization bills (read a nice feature on the topic here). Whether the bills succeed or not, each one is a step in the right direction.

Links, News, Information & Other Resources
NEWS: Pinal County Officials Turn Down Tribal Pot Request.

VIDEO: Medical Marijuana Patient Clayton Holden Testifies for Medical Marijuana.

VIDEO: The Drug War Business Part One, and Before the War on Terror was the War on Drugs.

NEWS: Dr. Keith Bolton uses hemp to “Mop-Crop” sewage. Read more about using hemp to treat sewage here.

NEWS: Check out this new resource, The Cannabis Compendium

NEWS: State Marijuana Bills Run the Gamut from Legalization to Repeal

ACTION: Please tell your Senators: Approve House funding cuts for failed drug war.

NEWS: White House Drug Czar Request Meeting with Seattle Times to Bully Against Pro-Marijuana Editorial.

NEWS: Medical Marijuana Skin Patch to be Marketed in Colorado?

VIDEO: Montana Toddler Uses Medical Marijuana to Combat a Brain Tumor.

NEWS: California Is Broke- You Still Have The Right to Avoid Prison.

AUDIO: Medical Marijuana Debates with Will Humble and Andrew Myers, Dr Suter and more.

Highest Regards,
Jon Gettel
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