Marijuana Trafficking Charges Are Down In Canada


I used to get a lot of marijuana that originated in Canada. During the 1990's and half way through the 2000's, Canadian marijuana was all over the Pacific Northwest, where I grew up and still live. That all changed after 'Operation Frozen Timber,' which coincided with a flood of marijuana being grown in Southern Oregon and Northern California. I haven't seen Canadian marijuana at all where I live since then. All the marijuana I see these days is grown locally.

canada marijuana

The war on marijuana is nothing new in Canada. Canada has a medical marijuana program, but still very much prohibits recreational marijuana use and sales. Canada's government is the same government that extradicted Marc Emery to the United States for selling seeds, even though they didn't have to. Per an article from Yahoo News, it sounds like marijuana enforcement in Canada isn't as prevalent as it was ten years ago:

The Globe and Mail reports that the number of charges being placed against drug dealers is decreasing in Canada, while forces struggle with an apparent lack of zeal in cracking down. While there were more people found in possession of marijuana last year over the previous year, the Globereports there were fewer charges.

"Police are less enthusiastic about [enforcing the controlled substances legislation] now than they were 10 years ago," Simon Fraser University criminologist Rob Gordon told the newspaper. "It is particularly true in the case of what may be defined as soft-end drugs."

The war on marijuana is far from over in Canada. Just because there were less people charged with trafficking marijuana recently doesn't mean that the fight is over. Marijuana prohibition is still going on in Canada, and until it stops 100%, activists need to keep fighting. I can't wait until Marc Emery is back in Canada, leading the fight. Marc Emery is currently awaiting transfer to Canada from a prison facility in America.