Medical Marijuana in Arizona Goes Online

Arizona Marijuana Flag

Even though voters haven't gotten the chance to decide whether or not to legalize medical marijuana, one company is already preparing to be the first dispensary to open its doors.

"It's just a jump start we're doing," said Allan Sobol, a spokesman for Medical Marijuana Dispensaries of AZ.

The group, MMDAZ, is one of the first to file for not-for-profit status with the Arizona Corporation Commission. It's the first step to become one of the state's new dispensaries if Proposition 203 passes in November.

Prop 203 would allow up to 120 dispensaries to be set up across the state. According to the corporation commission, 13 different groups have filed with the state, so far.

However, MMDAZ is the first to launch a website, allowing people to pre-register for their medical marijuana card. It also lists doctors, lawyers and other resources; not to mention that catchy tune in the background!

"What we're doing is not dispensing marijuana at this point," Sobol said. "What we are doing is dispensing information."

Even though the vote is November 2, dispensaries may have to wait several months before they can distribute the drug. If passed, the Arizona Department of Health must set guidelines and regulations for the new industry, and some estimate that could take between six months to a year.