August 18, 2010

Medical Marijuana Inc Outlines ‘The Hemp Network’

August 18, 2010
Hemp Rope

You may recall on Monday’s Stoner Friend Links there was a story on Medical Marijuana Inc’s plan to launch a hemp marketing company. Medical Marijuana Inc has provided an outline for The Hemp Network.

The Hemp Network is the first network marketing company in history to provide consumers with hemp products on a network marketing platform. President Don Steinberg stated, “We are all now at the ‘right time, right place’ to take advantage of an industry that has been around for thousands of years, with products derived from hemp being used today by millions of people. Over the past few years it has become apparent that with the increasing pace of new products hitting the market, there is a need to move those products throughout the world at a very fast rate. Now The Hemp Network has been formed to provide a marketing vehicle for massive global distribution of these new products and services as they hit the market, which is imperative to capture market share. The Hemp Network is now the launching pad for thousands of new ideas that people worldwide have in this giant emerging industry. We are here to help develop and market those ideas.”

Don Steinberg, Bruce Perlowin and Dianna Kaplan are the co-founders of The Hemp Network. Don and Bruce co-founded and ran two of the world’s largest MLM telecom companies. In the course of operations, Don traveled the world, establishing offices and setting country administration in place. As a result of this experience, Don is well aware of the opportunities available through The Hemp Network on a global basis.

Now, I know we all know how awesome hemp is and how many ways it can help society, but I’ve provided a nice list below just to remind us all:

Hemp seeds, oil and protein are classified as “super foods” with nutritional values unrivaled in nature and now just being discovered widely in the marketplace of America.

Hemp is the world’s strongest fiber. Containing less than 1% THC, it’s impossible to get a ‘high’ from ingesting it. Suitable for cultivation in a wide range of climates and soils, hemp requires less fertilizers and pesticides than other commercial crops and is an excellent soil conditioner. Hemp was the first crop cultivated for textile production, dating back over 6,000 years.

Hemp produces more biofuel mass than 99% of other plants and may also be used to produce biodegradable plastics, and as a substitute for fiberglass, wood and paper products.

Hemp yields approximately three tons of fiber per acre, four times that of forest, saving wildlife habitat, watersheds and oxygen production. Other applications include use as oils, soaps, lotions, cosmetics, food products and supplements, veterinary applications, and construction and thermal insulation materials.

Hemp composite boards are twice as strong as wood, and as a composite material for automobiles, this remarkable plant fiber is twice as strong, at lighter weights, than wood or fiberglass components.


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