April 8, 2010

Medical Marijuana to Get a Full Senate Vote in Maryland

April 8, 2010

Medical marijuana legislation will get an official vote tomorrow morning in the State Senate, according to media reports out of Maryland. Although the legislation has a good chance of passing in the Senate, similar legislation in the House is not as promising. “Its chances of passing both chambers are nil,” Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller cautioned. But he also hinted that the medical marijuana issue will see another day at the State Capital. “It’s a very important issue and I think the people want it. The bill is very tightly drafted and I think it’s a good start. Sometimes it takes one or two years of passing a bill before people get used to it.”

The original version of SB 627 can be found here

Amendments to SB 627 from the recent Senate Judicial Committee can be found here

The Maryland system would resemble the New Jersey system, as opposed to medical marijuana systems in the West. Patients could not grow it for themselves, the state would determine who grows the medicine. State licensed dispensaries would distribute it, with a limit of 6 ounces per month. That limit is much more reasonable than Washington D.C., which recently set its limit at 2 ounces, or as they say out east, ‘one joint a day.’

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