May 15, 2012

Meet Bill Levin Of Indiana: Registered Cannabis Lobbyist With ‘Re-Legalize Indiana’

May 15, 2012
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indiana marijuanaBy Joe Bryant

Those of you that keep up with me know that I have a soft spot in my heart for those brave ninjas on the front lines in the war for legalization of our favorite flower. That being said, it should come as no surprise that I am quite pleased to be speaking with one such bold soul on this fine day. Many of us are concerned with the state of affairs regarding the treatment and persecution of Cannabis users, but few of us actually make moves against such injustice. Bill Levin of Re-Legalize Indiana is one of those few.

Bill took the time to perform an interesting study to roughly determine the amount of Cannabis consumed in his home-state of Indiana then, based off those numbers, ascertain an approximate on just how much cash flow could be generated if Indiana actually chose to benefit from what is obviously a thriving industry.

Mr. Levin here has also been so bold as to enter the political arena as he campaigned for a City Council position in Indianapolis. He is also the head of the Political Action Committee known as “Re-Legalize Indiana”. You may also know of Bill if you are into the Tattoo scene in Indiana, or if you are an avid listener of 420 Radio WTHC. Let’s see what this gentleman has to say!

Here the video of Bill approaching the Indiana Senate with a report of his findings:

Q: So Bill, what prompted you to even perform this study in order to determine the amount of Cannabis consumed in Indiana?
A:- Curiosity.. when I was a kid you had to go to a head shop or record store to buy papers. In todays world every gas station and drug store sell them. How MANY do they sell? Cause they are everywhere in all shapes and sizes. And most important.. what does it take to fill them?

Q: Just what kind of numbers did you end up with? How much Cannabis does Indiana truly consume on a regular basis?
A: 25 tons of week minimum for Indiana without question. Watch when you are in line how many folks buy blunt wraps or papers in every neighborhood…. it’s pretty impressive.

Q: So these projections are based purely from the sales of rolling papers and blunt wraps? They do not take into account bowls, bongs, edibles, or concentrates then?
A: nope…. simply put that is a paper/blunt wrap study only and did not include small flavored cigars at all. So the numbers are way higher.

Q: What kind of regular financial boon could your fine state enjoy if they did indeed utilize the archaic Marijuana Tax Stamp?
A: Over $4 billion a year without blinking.

Q: Would you be a pal and explain to us just what Re-Legalize Indiana is and how you guys go about pursuing your objectives?
A: We are a PAC. – Political Action Committee we work as lobbyist with the state to come to some kind of reasonable understanding. NORML or friends are a 501C3 Not for Profit. Different rules for different companies as far as lobbying.

Q: What is your favorite strain to medicate with?
A: day or night? a good Afghani Indica, really any powerful indica — El Diablo when I am out west. EVEREST is really a wonderful breed too. That’s a sativa dominant.

Q: What kind of work history have you enjoyed over the years? What kind of experiences do you feel helped to mold you into the man you are today?
A: Concert promoter, I was vp of promotions and marketing for a 42 store records store chain KARMA RECORDS…I have publish magazines, been involved with countless albums, cassettes and cds. I booked most of the cool events back in the day 79-92.

Q: I see you are no stranger to the political arena. Care to tell us a bit about what madness you have encountered while treading the murky political waters?
A: you don’t have the paper here. To describe it or I the time… Its truly amazing how vile and con-sumptuous our political sewers really are. Its all MONEY. Period.

Q: How did you sense you were received by the Indiana Senate when you brought your findings before them?
A: Well they seemed amused.. better than asleep as some had been in earlier

Q: What was the deal with that snickering goon behind you during your presentation?
A: lol… OH ! Well that .. THAT is STEVE DILLION .. Chairman of INDIANA NORML.. He is certainly a very interesting person if you ask him. My opinion lies outside that belief.

Q: Are you guys experiencing any political opposition to the legalization of Cannabis in Indiana?
A: NONE, NOTHING NADA…..(yeah it makes me wonder too)

Q: What is your favorite kind of edible?
A: Betty Chronicers MONSTERS… two brownies with special carmel between em. ONE YUM!

Q: It turns out that you and I are both avid fans of the Good Doctor, Hunter S. Thompson. In what ways, if any, would you say that he was an influence in your life?
A: OH GOD.. that rotten bastard was a key pivotal point in my life and I never met the man. But his influence was heavy. He blazed the path for others to follow.

Q: This coming summer I am proud to host “Cannabis Culinary Madness 2012”! Any chance you could make it over and help me judge some edibles?
A: Duh.. lemmethink here…. Ummmm,OK WHEN AND WHERE?
And BETTY CHRONICER wants to enter… let me know…

Q: How much does the Indiana Marijuana Tax Stamp charge per gram of Cannabis? What kind of effect would you predict it to have on our country if every state adopted such a policy?
A: $3.50 per gram. It would certainly help things out.

Q: If/When I run for some form of political office can I count on you for some pointers on how to run a campaign?
A:Yup first thing first.. MONEY — then YARD SIGNS..Yard signs are the #1 swag of politics

So here we stand, a little more knowledgeable regarding the Medical Marijuana scene in Indiana and just how some of the pro-legalization proponents are handling business on their end of things. I hope that Mr. Levin’s study was able to get some wheels turning in your dome piece; I know it got me thinking! What kind of monetary gain could our country accrue if all states across the board started a per-gram charge for Cannabis? How many of our existing, unrelated issues could we resolve with the cash flow generated from the cultivation of this plant? The potential implications are staggering, really. Keep looking forward, my friends, and pay attention to what is happening around you. As the Good Doctor put it “Buy the ticket, take the ride.”

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