December 14, 2015

Melissa Etheridge On Why She Supports The Marijuana Policy Project

December 14, 2015
melissa etheridge the weed blog

melissa etheridge the weed blogI received the following e-mail today and figured it was worth passing along. I have been a Melissa Etheridge for a long time now. I have always respected her courage and her support of reform. Below is her message that she sent out today:

Dear Johnny:

I want to take a moment to speak from the heart. You might know me as an award-winning singer, songwriter, and musician. But I’m also a grassroots activist, a parent, and a cancer survivor. It’s because of all of these things that I support the legalization and regulation of marijuana.

In 2004, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. After undergoing chemotherapy, I chose to use marijuana over pharmaceutical pain medications. Since then, my support for medical marijuana has grown tremendously. My experience not only opened my eyes to the medical benefits of cannabis, but also led me to question why it was being withheld from so many patients across the country. It’s incredibly difficult for me to look back and imagine suffering through chemo without this powerful medicine.

My passion for ending prohibition led me to MPP, where I currently serve on the advisory board with other like-minded activists. I’ve found that MPP is the most effective group in the country working to end this senseless war on marijuana.

But I’m also pursuing my own endeavors within the cannabis industry. I’m the co-founder of MedRock Partners, an innovative product development, research, and informational company dedicated to studying the potential of integrating cannabis for cancer patients — a cause that is dear to my heart.

I’ve witnessed firsthand the potential of marijuana for treating patients, encouraging social justice, and creating financial opportunities through job creation in this new and exciting industry.

Whether you’re an activist, a parent, a cancer survivor, or a celebrity, together we can end marijuana prohibition. Together, we can change history. Please help by supporting MPP today.

melissa etheridge the weed blog


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