Michigan Marijuana Legalization Campaign's Second Half Starts With Three Fundraisers


The MILegalize ballot proposal to bring legalized adult use of marijuana to Michigan is in the home stretch of the signature gathering campaign. Events are scheduled across the state to secure funding for the final chapter of their historic petitioning campaign- and to take advantage of a matching funds offer of $100,000.

michigan marijuana legalization milegalize

MILegalize is the common name for the Michigan Comprehensive Cannabis Law Reform Committee. The petition drive was launched June 25th in a ceremony held on the steps of the State Capitol Building. MILegalize has until Christmas to collect 253,000 valid signatures on petitions to ensure that the issue of legalized adult use of marijuana appears on the November 2016 general election ballot.

Fundraising dinners will take place at The Roostertail Restaurant in Detroit on October 28; The Richard App Gallery in Grand Rapids on October 29; in the Flint Golf Club's West Room on October 16, an event coordinated by Grand Blanc attorney Bruce Leach and the law firm of Kirsch Leach and Associates.

"Donations gained at each of the events will be matched by our campaign's angel donor," said MILegalize Chair Jeffrey Hank, an attorney from Lansing. "This is the perfect time for our supporters to get involved for the first time or to renew their commitment to seeing the campaign to a successful conclusion." The campaign has met previous matching funds offers, including a $100,000 offer concluded in July and a $50,000 matching contribution in August.

"With the continued support of our volunteers and donors, this is a goal we can reach," Hank stated.

In a previous press release the MILegalize campaign announced the signature drive is "on course."

The campaign continues to enjoy popular success among Michigan citizens and national media. MILegalize boasts a volunteer army of over 1,100 Michiganders, many of whom are collecting signatures on a volunteer basis. The campaign has been endorsed by famed actor/comedian Tommy Chong, has been featured in news articles from High Times to the Wall Street Journal and has more than a baker's-dozen of the state's top cannabis industry activists comprising the Board.

Each of the fundraisers requires individual registration and carries a minimum suggested donation. For details for each of the events, for further information on volunteering, how to petition or where to sign the petition, please visit: milegalize.com


Jeffrey Hank                 1-844-534-2516info@milegalize.com

Michael Tuffelmire      1-616-589-6776                            Michael.Tuffelmire@gmail.com

Paid for with regulated funds by the Michigan Comprehensive Cannabis Law Reform Committee, P. O. Box 1358, East Lansing, MI 48826