March 25, 2010

Michigan Police Are Ignoring Medical Marijuana Law

March 25, 2010

A trend is growing in the State of Michigan; police are arresting patients, confiscating their property, and turning their lives upside down, despite the fact that the patients are legally registered in the State of Michigan’s medical marijuana program (click here). “Police across the state are either confused or resisting compliance with the medical marijuana law,” said ACLU attorney Dan Korobkin.

When asked about it, Roseville Deputy Chief James Berlin was brutally honest, when he said, “We may spend three weeks investigating, and then bust in and traumatize people, only to find out they’re legal.” WHAT A DICK! Instead of wasting tax payer dollars for three weeks, maybe the police should have just checked with the State, found out there was a medical marijuana patient registered at the address, and simply knocked on the door. Or even better, when the police find out that there is a medical marijuana patient at the house, they can go somewhere else and fight REAL crime!

Police are trying to argue that patients only have their application paperwork, not their actual card. However, the reason why patients are slow to get their cards is due to the fact that the State is dragging its feet on processing them. For example, the City of Lansing is three months behind on applications, according to the Michigan Department of Community Health. But even if the State is dragging their feet, it doesn’t matter. The police should know that “The statute currently allows for a copy of the application submitted to serve as a valid registry identification if the card is not issued within 20 days of its submission to the department. At this time, we are unable to issue valid registry identification cards within the statutory time frame with the resources available to us.” THE REASON THEY SHOULD KNOW THAT, IS BECAUSE IT’S ON THE STATE’S WEBSITE (click here)!!

But the police are unfazed by the ACTUAL LAW, and plan on continuing their personal crusade against medical marijuana. “If they don’t have a card and they’re in possession of marijuana, they’re coming to jail,” Roseville Deputy Chief James Berlin said. “And if they applied for the card, we’ll let the judge decide” if a law was broken. Last time I checked, we lived in America…You know, where we have a things called ‘due process’ and ‘equal protection under the laws.’ People in Michigan need to stand up to this BS, and challenge this at the Michigan State Supreme Court level. I would recommend taking it to the US Supreme Court, but those conservative bastards have already shot down medical marijuana. However, if it is challenged at the state level, not only will the arrested patients win their case, but they will also be able to go after the police in civil court for damages cause by negligent behavior.


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