April 3, 2010

Michigans 39th Annual Hash Bash is a Success

April 3, 2010

Hash Bash A Success Like Always

The 39th Annual Hash Bash took place on the University of Michigan’s campus today. From the Facebook comments I have seen on my page, it sounds like people were puffin’ tuff at UM’s Diag Plaza. The event took place from noon to 1 p.m.

Organizer Adam Brook was hoping to break the previous attendance record, which was set at 10,000 people about a decade ago. University spokeswoman Diane Brown said police estimated the crowd at 5,000. The record may have not been broken, but it is significantly higher than recent gatherings. Most importantly, people had a good time. “Time to come out and support the cause,” said Becky Stoffer, whose husband is a medical marijuana patient. When asked how she likes her husband’s choice of medication, she said, “Instead of seeing blood come out of his ears, the only side effect of Dennis using marijuana is him getting the munchies.”

Unfortunately, the protest did have some martyrs. Police say they made nine arrests for marijuana possession and one for possession of marijuana, heroin and ecstasy. Campus police also issued four citations for illegal sale of marijuana. It sucks that a peaceful protest like this one had to be tainted by unnecessary police harassement. Hopefully, this will ENCOURAGE more people to show up next year to protest, and set a new record! The event is not quite over yet though. Cheech and Chong are set to appear later tonight at Ann Arbor’s Michigan Theater. Tickets to the show cost $40-50.

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