May 28, 2016

MILegalize Calls For Big Weekend Push To Gather Signatures Before June 1 Submission Date

May 28, 2016
Michigan Begins Circulating Marijuana Legalization Petitions

michigan marijuanaThe MILegalize petition drive is calling on volunteers to gather another 15,000 valid signatures during the Memorial Day weekend and return them in time for Wednesday’s June 1st official petition submission to the Secretary of State.

“Our campaign has to submit all of our petitions by 2:00 PM on June 1,” said MILegalize Campaign Manager Chris Silva. “Our office in Lansing will be open for drop-offs by petitioners on Monday, Tuesday and early Wednesday.” MILegalize has used a combination of volunteer and paid petitioners during the petition drive; any paid signature gatherers will need to have their sheets returned to campaign headquarters before 2:00 pm on June 1. The campaign cannot accept or use any petitions received after turn-in to the state. MILegalize needs everyone to help get valid signatures from friends and neighbors who have not signed yet and get them back to the campaign.

MILegalize has already collected more than 335,000 signatures on petitions to legalize, regulate and tax adult cannabis use, improve safe access to medical marijuana, and permit farming of industrial hemp. Although approx. 253,000 valid signatures are needed, MILegalize has always intended to overachieve the signature goal to prevent campaign opponents that may try to sabotage the qualification process. “Signatures are the currency of freedom for Michigan voters” said MILegalize Chair, Lansing attorney Jeffrey Hank, “and our target is to collect between 350,000 – 380,000 signatures to finish strong. No one can predict the future, but if MILegalize volunteers dedicate one long weekend to this cause, that is all it will take to put us into position to win. This last weekend of the campaign we call upon all of our current volunteers and anyone wanting to pitch in to help- there are precious few days left, and every signature counts!”

The MILegalize plan would eliminate the arrest of 20,000+ adults every year for simple possession or use of marijuana, it would save the government hundreds of millions of dollars and invest in roads, schools, and local governments, and create up to 50,000 new jobs in diverse fields. If Michigan citizens want common sense policy this is their historical chance to obtain it.  ”Hundreds of people will be helping but everyone needs to do their part to get their portion and give the campaign a little extra petitioning cushion to ensure victory. Memorial Day Weekend is the weekend of massive mobilization for MILegalize to win and win big!” Hank declared.

MILegalize may be the last to operate in Michigan under the current rules allowing for a rebuttable presumption for signatures that are older than 180 days. A bill is on the Governor’s desk that would eliminate this critical element of the process for voter initiatives and direct democracy, Hank added. “This is a unique moment in history. The Michigan legislature is closing the door on a practice enjoyed by its citizens for decades; this may be the last time a true citizen petition drive is successful in Michigan.”

Petitioners who collect signatures over the Memorial Day weekend will need to either bring their petition sheets to Lansing by Wednesday June 1, 12 pm; send them via Overnight/Next Day mail on Tuesday with guaranteed delivery to the PO Box 4427, East Lansing, MI 48823 or to campaign headquarters at 101 S. Washington, Suite 220, Lansing, MI 48933; or drop them off at a MILegalize petitioning hub on Monday, May 30 or Tuesday, May 31. A list of petitioning hubs can be found on the MILegalize website at:

Financial contributions are being accepted to offset the costs of paying petitioners and administering the campaign’s submission of petitions. It is never to let to help build the effort if you cannot petition.

Anyone who has collected signatures for MILegalize is welcome to join us on June 1 as we submit the petitions to the State. Look to for updated details and a turn-in announcements.

Source: The Compassion Chronicles


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