July 19, 2017

Minority Female up for LA Cannabis Business Permit

July 19, 2017
Minority Female up for LA Cannabis Business Permit

A Minority Female CEO is among the final pool of applicants being considered for one of the coveted marijuana licenses in Los Angeles. If selected, Priscilla Vilchis would receive some of the first-ever cannabis business licenses in Los Angeles.

The City of Lynwood received and reviewed more than 40 applications, including 15 cultivation applications, 17 manufacturing applications, at least seven distribution and transportation applications, and two testing applications. Each applicant has submitted all necessary information for background checks but the results aren’t yet available.

In efforts to prevent delays in the approval process the city will present the most qualified applicants this week.

Premium Produce is one of just 13 applicants being recognized as the most qualified to receive the coveted licenses. During a meeting being held this week, the City Council is expected to preliminarily approve the 13 applicants, securing their position in LA’s new legal cannabis industry.

Priscilla Vilchis, the CEO of Premium Produce, a medical marijuana company in Nevada is also a California-based entrepreneur. Prior to applying for cultivation and manufacturing licenses in Lynwood, Priscilla was the only minority, female CEO to receive two hard-to-get medical cannabis cultivation and production licenses in Las Vegas, Nevada.

With a background in pharmaceutical sales, Vilchis developed several different companies and evolved them into multimillion-dollar businesses prior to entering into the medical cannabis space. Her mission make medical cannabis reimbursable by insurance companies. Her application is expected to be a stellar example of a business with the right location, with experienced operators, that will benefit the community.

Some background: On December 6, 2016, the City Council introduced a proposed ordinance to add an amendment to the Lynwood Municipal Code called the “Medical Cannabis Business and Activity”. The added language regulates the location and operation of medical cannabis cultivation and manufacturing-related businesses. The addition is not only protected – but also encouraged. The California Supreme Court has previously ruled that cities and counties may adopt local ordinances within their jurisdictions to regulate location, operation or establishment of medical marijuana collectives and to enforce such ordinances.

Other stellar applicants up for consideration in Los Angeles include; Cali Med, EEL Holdings, General Testing, GHP Lab, JB Los Angeles Farmers, Lacturnus Research Associates, Lynwood Urban Gardens, Natural Plant Extracts, NMC Organization, Norton Avenue Ventures, Pure CA, and RD Lynwood South.


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