August 20, 2015

Missouri Man Serving Life Sentence For Marijuana To Be Freed Next Month

August 20, 2015
free jeff mizanskey

free jeff mizanskeyJeff Mizanskey has been serving a life sentence in a Missouri prison for getting convicted of three non-violent, marijuana-only offenses. For over two decades Jeff Mizanskey has sat in a prison cell, probably thinking that he would never see the world outside of the prison walls ever again. For over two decades he has missed out on living a normal life and spending quality time with his friends and family. Fortunately for Mr. Mizanskey, he has some very passionate friends and family, and has had the support of the Show-Me Cannabis campaign, all of which teamed together to bring awareness to Jeff Mizanskey’s case.

For a long time it seemed like Missouri’s Governor would ignore the overwhelming support for Jeff Mizanskey’s release. Then, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon granted clemency. That was followed by a parole hearing for Mr. Mizanskey. At the conclusion of the hearing, a timeline of 6-8 weeks was given for a final decision. In not so shocking news, the decision came back early. Way early. In fact, it only took four days for the Board to determine that Jeff Mizanskey should be freed, which I think is a testament to just how overly-harsh his sentence was. It is with great joy and pleasure to say that Jeff’s release date was announced today – Jeff Mizanskey will be going home to his family at the beginning of next month. Per ABC 17 News:

Dan Viets, the attorney for Jeff Mizanskey, announced Thursday afternoon that his client is to be released from prison on Sept. 1.

Mizanskey has served more than 21 years for nonviolent marijuana offenses.

In May, Gov. Jay Nixon granted Mizanskey a commutation of his sentence.

A Missouri Board of Probation and Parole at the Jefferson City Corrections Center  held his first hearing on Aug. 6.

This is such an amazing thing! Jeff’s release is so overdue that words don’t even do it justice. I can’t wait to see photos on social media of Jeff Mizanskey with his family. I also look forward to what he does going forward. The Show-Me Cannabis campaign was instrumental with the fight to free Jeff, and I think that people should help them continue their good work. Check out their website, make a donation, volunteer for their campaign, and check them out on Facebook and Twitter, and text SMC to 420420 to get updates from the campaign. Congratulations Jeff, enjoy your freedom!!!!!!


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