January 6, 2012

Missouri Marijuana Legalization Campaign Update

January 6, 2012
show me cannabis regulation

show me cannabis regulationCampaign Update From Show-Me Cannabis Regulation




Can I admit that I am happily overwhelmed with the enormous response we have received since launching our initiative to end cannabis prohibition in Missouri? In the last few weeks, Show-Me Cannabis Regulation has exploded across the State of Missouri; in fact, we’re having a little trouble keeping up!

And that’s a great problem to have. I am both thrilled and humbled by the momentum to reform marijuana policy generated here in my home state. It is unlike any effort of this kind that I have seen anywhere before.

You may have heard in October that a Gallup poll showed, for the first time in history, that a majority of Americans support legalizing cannabis for personal use with 50 percent in favor to 46 percent opposed. In the Midwest, the percentage has increased from 42 percent supporting legalization to an astounding 54 percent in just one year. This remarkable trend gives us every reason to believe that Missourians will continue to look at the facts and conclude that cannabis prohibition has failed – and it is time for a change.

Show-Me Cannabis Regulation is that change.

The initial process of adjusting and readjusting the initiative’s wording until it was rock solid was difficult, but last month we finally received approval from the Secretary of State to begin circulating our petitions! Volunteer trainings began almost immediately, and nearly 500 trained petitioners have now hit the streets. If you’ve signed up to be a volunteer and have not heard from us, you will be contacted soon about how to get trained to help qualify this historic initiative. If you want to sign the petition, but haven’t had a chance yet, please check our website regularly for petitioning events in your area. We will also notify you of other important events by email, as well as other ways to get involved.

As you know, we only have about four months to collect 150,000 signatures from registered voters, and our campaign can only be as strong as our volunteers and advocates. We need folks from every part of the state to gather signatures and encourage online donations in order to be successful.

It’s no small feat, but we stand resolute in our tenacity and ability to put this measure before the voters of Missouri in November 2012.

And we intend to win!

Missouri can, should, and will be a leading state in the nationwide trend toward a more common sense approach to marijuana policy. Of course, none of this will be possible without the sustained support of committed individuals such as yourself. If you can pledge $100, $50, $25 or even $10 a month, it will substantially improve our ability to make this dream a reality.

I want to thank you all for helping to break the curtain of silence that shrouds this issue. If we want to create a better society that more directly reflects our values, it is incumbent upon all of us to speak the truth. And that’s what we are doing right here and right now.

Keep an eye out for emails from the Board and from SMCR Field Coordinators. We’ll tell you about volunteer trainings, fundraisers, educational events, and all the other exciting news that this campaign generates.

Let’s make 2012 a year to remember.

I can’t wait to legalize cannabis with you!


Amber Iris Langston
Campaign Director
Show-Me Cannabis Regulation


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