March 26, 2014

Missouri Marijuana Reform Fundraiser Raises Over $8,000

March 26, 2014
missouri marijuana fundraiser

missouri marijuana fundraiserBy John Payne

Last Thursday’s Spring into Action Money Bomb raised a total of $8,326 to advance cannabis law reforms in the legislature this session! That figure includes $5,251 in one-time contributions and $615 in new recurring contributions, which we counted at five times the rate of one-time contributions because of the tremendous long term value and stability they provide.

Tremendous thanks to everyone who contributed their money or time or both to make the money bomb a success. You all have my deepest gratitude, and you are making this country and state a better, freer place.

We are still a bit short of our $10,000 goal, but we knew it was a lofty goal from the beginning. In fact, it is more than three times larger than our previous one-day grassroots fundraising record, so raising over $8,000 in little more than 24 hours represents tremendous organizational growth.

Nevertheless, we still intend to reach the $10,000 goal. If you did not contribute last week, please go here and make a contribution now. We’re over 83 percent of the way there already, so I know we can make it with one more push towards the finish line.

These funds will allow us to create a sustained messaging campaign to support badly needed legislative reforms and propel us into our 2016 initiative campaign. Please contribute now!

Source: National Cannabis Coalitionmake a donation


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