February 10, 2010

Missouri Shows Support For Medical Marijuana

February 10, 2010

It’s a big day for marijuana fans in Missouri. Members of Sensiblemissouri.org, along with some prospective medical marijuana patients, met with state lawmakers in Jefferson City to show support for HB 1670. The bill, which seeks to legalize medical marijuana, is sponsored by Representatives Meiners and Schaaf. Missouri HB 1670 would:

1. Make marijuana a Schedule II Controlled Substance (currently it is Schedule I).

2. Provide legal protection to a qualifying patient who possesses a written certification for the use of marijuana for medical purposes. Qualifying patients who are minors are also protected, if a parent or guardian consents in writing to, and controls, the use of marijuana for medical purposes.

3. Provide legal protection for physicians who provide signatures for the use of medical marijuana.

4. Return paraphernalia and equipment to a patient who is wrongly persecuted by law enforcement.

5. Give medical marijuana patients the same rights as other pharmaceutical patients (i.e. traffic stops, other interactions with law enforcement, employment, drug testing).

6. Ban consuming of marijuana on a school bus, public bus, or other public vehicle; in the workplace; on school grounds; in a correctional facility; or at any public park, public beach, public recreation center, or youth center unless the area is designated for medical marijuana use.

7. Require the Department of Health and Senior Services to develop rules for governing the issuance of registry identification cards. A qualifying patient and primary caregiver are required to submit certain information before receiving the card. Possession of the card by a qualifying patient or a primary caregiver is required.

8. Require the department to maintain a confidential list of persons who have been issued a card.

9. Allow a dispensary system.



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