April 6, 2013

Moms For Marijuana’s Cannabis Quilt Stolen – How To Help Find It

April 6, 2013
moms for marijuana cannabis quilt stolen

moms for marijuana cannabis quilt stolenIt is with great sadness and disappointment that I am posting this article. It appears that the Mom’s for Marijuana Cannabis Quilt has been stolen in Texas. Why someone would do that is beyond me. I hope it gets returned/found ASAP. Now that we have a new logo, I had it on my to-do-list to get a square for The Weed Blog, but it looks like that is going to have to wait. Below is more information on how to help, and a video about the Mom’s for Marijuana Cannabis Quilt:

The Moms for Marijuana Cannabis Quilt has been stolen!!!! PLEASE HELP us get it back!!

This MOMS call to action is the most important one we have ever had. At approximately 6pm on April 5th 2013, while traveling from Dallas, Tx. to Austin, Tx. on its way to protest harmful cannabis laws at the Texas State House, our beautiful and powerful cannabis quilt was stolen; When our Texas chapter leader, Tracy Ansley, was stopped for a potty break, someone stole it off of the luggage rack on her car.

The quilt was stolen from the roof of a beige ford explorer, in the parking lot of the CVS drug store at 2222 Thorton Lane in Irving Texas. This is the event it was traveling to: https://www.facebook.com/events/139633239542782/

There are 2 panels that were stolen. Our United States panel which is 18′ x24′ and our Unity panel that is approximately 8′ x 10′. These quilts weigh close to 60 lbs together and are not easy to just carry around.

If anyone has knowledge of the location of our beautiful cannabis quilt please email mom@momsformarijuana.org No questions asked! Also call the Irving Police Department at 972-273-1010.

After over 2 years of dedicated work, and more than 50 volunteers, we just want our baby to come home!!!

There is more you all can do to help. You can share this event. Invite people to it. Share the graphics and the video on this event, you can spread the word and tell every person, every group, every organization you know.

You can also email all these media contacts in the Austin/ Dallas/ Fortworth Areas and let them know they need to be covering this story to help bring the quilt home!

CBS Dallas: ktvt cbs11tv@ktvt.com
Wfaa Dallas/Fortworth: http://www.wfaa.com/on-tv/contact
Fox Dalllas: kdfw@kdfwfox4.com
Fox Austin ktbc: programming@fox7.com
Abc Austin kvue: cbarry@kvue.com and news@kvue.com
NBC Austin kxan: http://www.kxan.com/subindex/report_it
CBS Austin keye tv: programming@keyetv.com
NBC Fort Worth kxas: NBCDFWCC@nbcuni.com

And these major area radio stations:
Klbj radio 93.7 The Rock of Austin : lalloyd@klbjfm.com bob@klbjfm.com daniel@klbjfm.com cj@klbjfm.com bdoe@klbjfm.com autumn@klbjfm.com
wendy@klbjfm.com loris@klbjfm.com

Lonestar 92.5 Classic Rock (Irving listening area) kzps: dondavis@clearchannel.com bo@lonestar925.com jim@lonestar925.com randy@lonestar925.com
laura@lonestar925.com jon@lonestar925.com ted@lonestar925.com

Kegl 97.1 The Eagle Dallas Fort Worth Rocks: dondavis@clearchannel.com nikki@sixxsense.com kerri@sixxsense.com chris@kegl.com russ@kegl.com trey@kegl.com dan@kegl.com clo@kegl.com alfie@kegl.com cindy@kegl.com psa@ccdallas.com

98.7 kluv Dallas Ft. Worth: Ron.Harrell@cbsradio.com

If you know of any other media contacts in the Dallas/Fortworth/Irving/or Austin Texas area please contact candace@momsformarijuana.org

Thank you all for taking the time to help us bring our Cannabis Quilt Home.

More info on the Cannabis Quilt here: http://www.momsformarijuana.com/the-cannabis-quilt



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