September 2, 2011

National Geographic Wants To Tell Colorado Cannabis Patient Stories

September 2, 2011
medical cannabis protester

medical cannabis protesterDo you have a compelling story about how cannabis is currently affecting your life in a positive or negative way?

On the positive side, are you a patient who is achieving remarkable success in cannabis therapy? Are you a healer working with cannabis patients and witnessing miracles? Are you a gardener developing strains or a medicine-maker producing medicines that are worthy of National Geographic?

Or on the negative side of cannabis law, have you suffered because the new laws in Colorado are too restrictive? Are you a patient or caregiver that is being prosecuted for medical cannabis? Are you a caregiver who has lost patients or has been banned from dispensing medicine by your local government?

If you think your story is *compelling* and you would like to publicize it, than National Geographic might want to interview you. National Geographic has sent a film crew out to Colorado from New York to film a 7-hour documentary about medical marijuana in Colorado.

CTI has agreed to help to reach out to the medical cannabis community to make sure National Geographic has the opportunity to tell the best and most complete story about medical cannabis in Colorado. If you have a story that you would like to share, and you think it would make good video, please contact the series producer directly at:

Isaac Holub, Assistant Producer
National Geographic Colorado Medical Marijuana Series
Subject: Please put “Colorado MMJ” in the subject of your email.


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