New Approach Becomes First Oregon Political Campaign To Accept Bitcoin


The campaign working to regulate, legalize and tax marijuana in Oregon is now accepting Bitcoin.

new approach oregon marijuana bitcoin

"We believe we are the first political organization in Oregon to do this," said campaign manager Dan Mahr. "But more organizations will follow. Bitcoin is the currency of the Internet and of future generations. We are a cutting edge campaign that wants to make it possible for the online community everywhere to get involve and help Bitcoin's progress."

Oregon is the largest state in the US where marijuana regulation, taxation and legalization is on the ballot, and a victory in Oregon is considered crucial to the movement's continued success.

Oregon is also one of many places globally with a thriving community of Bitcoin enthusiasts, and marijuana regulation is a popular topic on the internet. During President Obama's 2012 online conversation with voters, 18 of the 20 most popular questions posed to him were about marijuana.

Bitcoin is the most widely-used cryptocurrency and the first to be traded. Its peer-to-peer network operates without a central authority or a bank. Transactions through the Bitcoin protocol are cheaper than they are through credit cards, and they are cryptographically secure.

With Bitcoin transactions accepted, New Approach Oregon joins Expedia, Overstock, Virgin Galactic, WordPress, Newegg, Dish Network and Reddit, among others. In all, more than 30,000 companies allow customers to use the cryptocurrency.

Supporters who believe it's time for a more sensible approach to marijuana can use Bitcoin to donate to the New Approach Oregon here. The campaign also accepts credit cards and checks. Oregon finance laws require that the campaign ask donors for a name, employer and employer's address.

Source: NewApproachOregon.Com