November 2, 2013

New Approach Oregon Seeks To Create The Best Marijuana Legalization Model In The Nation

November 2, 2013
new approach oregon

new approach oregon marijuana legalizationI get asked quite often which legalization model is better, Colorado or Washington. I think that it’s pretty clear now that Colorado’s is better. Both states legalized possession of an ounce of marijuana, but unlike Washington, Colorado also legalized cultivation of marijuana. Colorado seems to do a better job of separating medical marijuana and recreational marijuana, while Washington seems to have a desire to replace medical marijuana with recreational marijuana.

New Approach Oregon recently filed a marijuana legalization initiative that would be better than both models in a lot of ways. For starters, the possession limit would be higher in Oregon when it passes. The New Approach Oregon initiative would allow possession of up to 8 ounces of dried marijuana instead of 1 ounce. The initiative also specifies possession limits for solids and liquids, 16 ounces and 72 ounces respectively.

The only knock that I have on the Oregon initiative compared to Colorado is that it only allows 4 plants, whereas Colorado allows 6 plants. I don’t know if polling suggested four plants, but I guarantee the initiative would still pass with higher cultivation limits. But with that being said, the number of plants allowed can be a bit deceptive. It’s hard to grow outdoor marijuana in Colorado because of the climate, so it’s likely that most plants will be grown indoors. Compare that to Oregon, especially Southern Oregon, where the climate is almost perfect for outdoor growing. 4 outdoor plants in Southern Oregon will produce far more than 6 indoor plants in Colorado, so the Oregon model is not as inferior as Colorado’s model in this area.

New Approach Oregon’s Anthony Johnson recently sat down with Radical Russ Belville to discuss the Oregon initiative. In the interview he states that a per se DUID rule and a ban on home cultivation would be deal breakers for the campaign, and those provisions will not be tolerated. Those are two areas of the Washington legalization model that have created a lot of controversy. Make sure to ‘like’ the New Approach Oregon Facebook page. You can read the full initiative at this link here. See the video of the conversation below:


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