New Colorado Poll Shows Majority Support Marijuana Legalization


According to a new poll from Public Policy Polling, a majority of Coloradans said they support legalization, whereas just 38 percent said they are opposed.

colorado cannabis amendment 64

Looking toward 2012 Colorado voters may have the chance to vote on whether to legalize marijuana and for now a majority of voters are in support of that- 51% compared to 38% opposed to legalization. Independents are strongly in favor of this proposal (55/31) and there are actually more Republicans in support of it (31%) than there are Democrats opposed (24%).

These are encouraging numbers for legalization proponents but it's important to remember that California's proposal for legalizing marijuana last year polled pretty well until completely collapsing in the final month before the election. There's a long road ahead.

That second paragraph is a very valid point and reaffirms what we already know -- there is still a lot of work to be done. In particular, we need to better educate the public about the need for marijuana reform. After all, it's that 11 percent of undecideds that will end up making the difference come Election Day 2012.

From Colorado Campaign To Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol