February 8, 2015

New Effort Launched To Defend Oregon Marijuana Legalization

February 8, 2015
new approach oregon marijuana legalization

There are numerous attempts underway at the Oregon Legislature to rewrite Oregon Measure 91. Politicians are trying to go against the will of the 56% of voters that approved Measure 91. I voted for Oregon Measure 91 because it didn’t allow local sales taxes for marijuana. I voted for Measure 91 because it specifically stated that the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program would not be changed by the passage of the initiative in anyway.

I voted for Oregon Measure 91 because it allowed municipalities to ban marijuana if they desired, but only if it came from a vote of the citizens of the municipality, not because a small handful of elected individuals want to impose their personal views on residents. Those are just a few. There are so many bad bills in Oregon’s Legislature right now targeting marijuana, that it’s very important to keep elected officials accountable right now and make them hear our voice.

Fortunately New Approach Oregon is fighting to see the initiative implemented in the form that voters voted for. Below is video footage about New Approach’s new campaign:


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