July 3, 2013

New Study Finds Cannabis Consumption Most Likely Among Those With Higher Education

July 3, 2013
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college marijuana higher educationBy TheJointBlog.Com

Ireland’s National Advisory Committee on Drugs and Alcohol has released a new study which finds that cannabis consumption is highest among those with a higher education, and among those who stayed in school past the age of 15. The study also found that marijuana consumption among those in Ireland is at the highest rate ever, with 25% of residents having consumed cannabis in their life – a 3% rise from 2007.

According to the study, the rate of cannabis consumption is lowest among those who dropped out of school prior to the age of 15, and highest among those still in college over the age of 20. The study found that overall, those who have furthered their education past highschool are more likely to consume cannabis.

The study, which is the most comprehensive released on the subject in Ireland, is in vast contrast to the prohibitionist claim that cannabis consumption will make you lazy and unmotivated.

Source: The Joint Blog


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