February 28, 2012

NJWeedMan Needs Your Help!

February 28, 2012

NJweedmanHow To Help NJWeedMan

NJWeedMan has a goal of raising $15,000 so he can drive across country, meet marijuana activists, and win his trial via jury nullification. I am hoping that readers can dig deep to help a marijuana activist who has helped marijuana more than most people could do in five lifetimes. Below is some info that NJWeedMan passed along to me via Facebook:

The Politics of Pot – NJweedman Superhero of the Potheads

This combination road trip, documentary is about the last 6 weeks of freedom before trial of New Jersey marijuana activist Ed Forchion aka The New Jersey Weedman. Forchion is set to go to trial on April 10th in Burlington County New Jersey on charges stemming from a April 1st 2010 traffic stop in Mt Holly, New Jersey.

There Are Few People That Fight For Marijuana As Hard As NJWeedman. If you don’t know about NJWeedman, and you consume marijuana, where have you been smoking your marijuana, under a rock?

This New Jersey native known as NJWEEDMAN has lived in Los Angeles since 2008 is planning to drive his Weedmobil beginning March 20th across the country to New Jersey filming all the way. He expects to be harassed by law enforcement because of his “free speech protected slogans” on his vehicle. Yet he plans on Meeting up with marijuana activist, jury rights groups, civil libertarians and media personell nationwide. Using social media sites and the Internet to spread the message of his trial and more importantly his defense.
When I left in 2008 I said I’d be back, If this is a “war” my analogy is I feel like General McAuthur returning to defeat the Japanese enemy In my case its “NJ Governor Christie”.
Forchion is convinced that the way to end the Gov’t war on potheads is to challenge the Gov’t in courtrooms, to utilize jury nullification defenses, to openly question the law to jurors. He calls his defense a open advocation of Jury Nullification. The legal community considers this anarchy, while many believe it’s the right of a citizen to present such a defense to stop the tyranny of Government. Forchion is risking a good portion of his freedom to prove it.
For more details see – www.home.njweedman.com/node/182
nj weedman

National implications

Potheads, ganja smokers and many in the Cannabis Consuming Community of America are watching this trial. If Forchion can pull of this modern day David vs Golitah story not only will he solidify his position as a cult figure in the marijuana movement but in the history books of America. He and his case will enlighten many on how to end the current drug war on marijuana users.

Forchion says major social change happens thru courtrooms in this country pointing out ROE vs WADE, and BROWN vs BOARD of EDUCATION to name a couple. Forchion knows more than half of the American public believe marijuana should be legal. With this fact he believes at least 6 of his jurors will think so as well, his goal at trial is to convince one of them to say “NOT GUILTY”. He’s openly looking for potheads to serve on his jury. He’s gambling with his freedom that at least one of them endorses his Jury Nullification arguments and that’s all he needs to convince ONE.

NJWEEDMAN believes that his case, his defense if given wide media coverage could open the eyes of the American people on a national level on how to end this failed drug war.

Documentary Expenses

While it can take as little as 3 days to go coast to coast NJWeedman plans to make it a 10 day trip stopping all across the country spreading his message of nullification. Once in New Jersey Forchion plans to gathering signatures for his entree into the congressional elections. Again filming this a must. Forchion plans on going to trial as a candidate for congress ( 3rd district) under The Legalize Marijuana Party. The end of the film will be the verdict of the jury.

A film crew has agreed to make this a professional project and will film it all at a very inexpense rate but not for free. The crew will be making a sizzle reel for a proposed show featuring NJWeedman if he prevails in his trial. Come on potheads if you ever wanted to support a pothead this is these.

1- the Weedmobil needs to have some minor repairs/ tuneup $500

2 – the Weedmobil needs to be outfitted with cameras est $2500

3 – chase vehicle for film crew needs tune up $300

4 – fuel expenses for both vehicles expected cost $3000

5 – salaries for film crew $3000

6 – food board, hotel $1000

7 – plane tickets for crew back to California $2000

8 -miscellaneous cash for unexpected costs – $1500

9 – give always – books/tshirts/pipes $1000

10 – tolls $200

If your a pothead and can’t contribute

Please spend 4.20 minutes tweeting/facebooking and spreading the message of this case, NJWEEDMAN and his plight across the Internet. If you live near the proposed route please come out and join us.
The proposed route is I-15 out of Los Angeles, thur Las Vegas into Utah, route 50 to I-70. 70 all the way to Pennsylvania to I-76 into Philadelphia.
Stopping in Las Vegas, Denver, Kansas city, St Louis, Indianapolis, Cincinatti, Columbus, Carlisle Pa., and Philadelphia before crossing into new Jersey April fools day.


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