No One Should Ever Be Sexually Assaulted Because Of Marijuana Prohibition


A new White House petition has been started and brought to my attention by a very hardworking activist named TriXter Phillips. TriXter sent me a guest post during the election that I wasn't able to post due to time conflicts, and for that I am truly, truly sorry. Hardworking activists need to be supported as much as possible, and sadly, I dropped the ball. I encourage ALL TWB readers to sign this petition and spread it far and wide! Below is the language to the petition. Click here to sign it.

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Constitutionally protect Americans from police roadside body cavity searches for marijuana, contraband, or evidence.

Recently video from a traffic stop in Texas shows State Troopers conducting roadside body cavity searches performed on two women with the officer using the same gloves on both the vaginal and anal cavities of both individuals.

We the People of the United States of America do hereby request that you and your office work with Congress to pass legislation protecting the sovereignty of the human body by drafting and then passing a Constitutional Amendment that shall prevent law enforcement from conducting any body cavity searches.

Link to article containing video of incident: