April 16, 2016

NORML National Office Endorses MILegalize Proposal

April 16, 2016
White House Threatened To Crack Down On Legal Marijuana

norml scholarships drug policy reform conferenceIn a press release published this week, the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) has issued an endorsement of the MILegalize plan to legalize the adult use of marijuana in Michigan.


MILegalize is a petition drive to place legalized marijuana on the November 2016 General Election ballot in Michigan. The organization initiated the petition campaign in June of 2015 and has since collected over 270,000 signatures. MILegalize has attained the endorsement of numerous organizations and prominent individuals within Michigan.

The press release adds NORML and its founder, attorney Keith Stroup, to the list of national endorsements attained by the MILegalize program, including actor/comedian Tommy Chong.

“An organization with a worthy infrastructure, qualified leadership, proven petitioning success and a vision to become the first Midwestern state to legalize the adult use of marijuana is deserving of the endorsement of national NORML,” the press release reads. “The MILegalize petition, if it is approved by voters in the November General Election, will be the most liberal marijuana legalization law in the United States.”

The MILegalize Board includes more than a dozen hardened activists, attorneys and entrepreneurs representing decades of marijuana law reform experience in the state. Three Board members- Matthew Abel, Steven Sharpe and Rick Thompson- are on both the Boards of MILegalize and the Michigan chapter of NORML (MINORML).

“We are very proud of the endorsement given to our petition campaign by the nation’s most recognized name in marijuana law reform,” said MILegalize Chair, Lansing attorney Jeffrey Hank. “Our campaign has the ability to make the ballot, and we are confident the proposal will be approved by Michigan voters.”

MILegalize has both instigated elections law updates with the Board of State Canvassers and inspired legislation by opponents who seek to derail the campaign’s historic effort. MILegalize has raised nearly all funds from within the state of Michigan; attaining more than a quarter-million signatures without assistance from national funding sources is a feat never before accomplished within marijuana law reform.

“The leadership at national NORML recognize our unique opportunity to make the ballot,” said Abel, a Lifetime Member of the NORML Legal Committee. “What we have accomplished in Michigan is nothing short of incredible.”

A recent poll commissioned by MINORML and conducted by reputable pollster EPIC-MRA showed a 3% increase in support for legalization in less than a year, bringing the overall approval rate up to 53%. “We believe our support is much greater than that number,” Hank explained, citing the limitations of modern polling techniques to accurately survey the groups with whom MILegalize is most popular.

MILegalize has benefited from an angel donor who has provided much of the campaign’s financial support, and a matching funds pledge will double all contributions made to the campaign up to a total of $150,000.00 MILegalize has met every matching funds challenge issued by donors during the campaign. Several fundraisers have been announced for the next 30 days, including a Detroit event on April 20 and a special evening at Sinbad’s Restaurant on April 29.

To donate, volunteer or find out more about the campaign and upcoming events, please visit www.milegalize.com.

For more information about the Michigan chapter of NORML, please visit: www.minorml.org

Source: The Compassion Chronicles


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