January 23, 2015

Obama: More States Likely To Legalize Marijuana

January 23, 2015
obama medical marijuana enforcement

obama medical marijuana enforcementYesterday Barack Obama did an interview with Hank Green on YouTube. There were a lot of topics covered, but by far the most intriguing to marijuana supporters was a brief segment on Obama’s views on marijuana. I want to thank Tom Angell for making that segment happen, because I saw him asking over and over about it happening on YouTube via Twitter. I’m glad Hank Green listened! Tom Angell also broke the story to the marijuana world in his article for Marijuana.Com, an excerpt of which can be found below:

“What you’re seeing now is Colorado, Washington through state referenda, they’re experimenting with legal marijuana,” the president said in response to a question from SciShow and VlogBrothers host Hank Green.

“The position of my administration has been that we still have federal laws that classify marijuana as an illegal substance, but we’re not going to spend a lot of resources trying to turn back decisions that have been made at the state level on this issue. My suspicion is that you’re gonna see other states start looking at this.”

Obama’s words on their face are not that revolutionary. Of course more states are going to legalize marijuana. With so much momentum from recent victories, public opinion, and so many solid efforts being pursued across the country, it’s fairly obvious that more states will legalize marijuana. However, the words are still very significant in that Obama could have chuckled and scoffed at the question, similar to what he has done in the past. However, he answered the question straight on, he didn’t brush it aside. And while he smiled while the questions were being asked, Obama didn’t do it in a smart ass kind of way that he has in the past.

Kevin Sabet was quick to declare the response from the President as a blow to the marijuana community because Obama didn’t say straight up that he supports legalization. While that would have been great for marijuana activists, the fact that he didn’t straight up say that he opposes all efforts should actually be seen as a defeat for marijuana opponents like Mr. Sabet. If I were Kevin Sabet, I wouldn’t being chiming in on the President’s stance. And trust me Kevin, when a United States President inevitably expresses full support for legalization, and it’s inevitable Kevin, it will mean game over for people like you, at which point you will finally have to get a real job.

The full video of the marijuana segment can be found below:


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