Oklahoma Republicans Step Up for State's Marijuana Rights


Recently, Nebraska and Oklahoma filed a lawsuit against Colorado concerning legalized marijuana. According to Jon Bruning, the Attorney General for Nebraska, Colorado is at odds with federal law, which makes no exceptions for cannabis. Furthermore, since marijuana is still federally illegal, Colorado is at odds with our constitutional principles.

oklahoma state capitol medical marijuana rally

But Republican law makers are to the rescue in this regard! I know!? One would have never thought that a conservative would come to the side of cannabis reform in this kind of lawsuit, but Republican legislators say that it the wrong kind of action.

A group of seven legislators led by Representative Mike Ritze say that this kind of action is completely unconstitutional, and not in line with our nation's tenth amendment: state's rights. Yes! Finally! Because this is entirely a state's rights issue.

When Colorado legalized marijuana essentially the state nullified the federal government's ban, which is within Colorado's constitutional rights. In the group's letter to the Attorney General, they write:

 We think the best move at this point would be to quietly drop the action against Colorado, and if necessary, defend the state's right to set its own policies, as we hope other states would defend our right to govern ourselves with constitutional confines."

What a breath of fresh air. Good job, Oklahoma law makers.