March 10, 2015

OMMBC Keynoter Gary Johnson: Marijuana Prohibition “Criminal”

March 10, 2015
marijuana prohibition

marijuana prohibitionTwo-term New Mexico Governor and Republican and Libertarian Party presidential candidate Gary Johnson has sat down with a wide-ranging interview with Smell the Truth’s David Downs. In the interview, Johnson takes conservatives and Republicans to task for being late to come to the conclusion that marijuana prohibition is a failure and that state’s should be able to chart their own marijuana policies irrespective of federal law. He states that he was a supporter of cannabis legalization when only 30% of voters supported legalization and that it has taken clear majority support for Republican presidential candidates to start to come around on the issue.

Johnson will be giving the keynote address at this Sunday’s Oregon Medical Marijuana Business Conference (OMMBC) and he gave a preview of what he will be focusing on. From Smell the Truth:

Smell the Truth: Gov. Johnson, what message are you carrying to the OMMBC March 15 and 16 during your Sunday keynote?

Gary Johnson: I’m in this from the standpoint of making the world a better place and when you look at the medical side of this, I’m going to offer up a prediction and that is within twenty years, twenty percent of all pharmaceuticals will be cannabis-based.

When you look at the cannabis plant — if today the marijuana plant were discovered in the Amazon, it would be hailed as humankind’s greatest discovery. When you look at the medical side of this, when you look at [cannabidiol] CBD. Here’s what it’s shown to do. That’s just CBD.

The entire article is certainly worth reading. Thanks to Gary Johnson, Ron Paul and Dana Rohrabacher following in the footsteps of conservative icon William F. Buckley, more and more conservative and libertarian-minded Republicans are publicly supporting cannabis law reform, to at least let states choose their own policies. This is a great development for our national discourse as reforming marijuana laws seems to be one of the very few issues that we are seeing some collaboration between Republicans and Democrats. I am really looking forward to hearing what Gary Johnson has to say at the OMMBC and hope that more and more conservatives and libertarians understand that personal freedom and responsibility are principles that form the foundation of marijuana legalization.


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