June 2, 2016

Oregon Cannabis Growers’ Fair Is Coming To The Oregon State Fairgrounds

June 2, 2016
oregon cannabis growers fair

oregon cannabis growers fairI have lived my entire life in the mid-Willamette Valley of Oregon. It’s one of the most beautiful places on earth, and home to the Oregon State Fairgrounds. I have gone to the Oregon State Fair, and events at the fairgrounds, as far back as I can remember. My community college graduation was held there, specifically at the Pavilion. The Oregon State Fairgrounds property is a hub for Oregon’s agriculture industry, which is one of the largest in the country.

Knowing all of that, it was with tremendous surprise and joy that I learned that an event is coming to the Oregon State Fairgrounds, and to the Pavilion no less! And it’s not just any cannabis event. It’s the Oregon Cannabis Growers’ Fair, which is going to feature actual live plant displays. As I said, Oregon is a national leader in agriculture, and cannabis is on its way to taking its rightful place at the top of Oregon’s leading agriculture products. After all, cannabis cultivation is at its core agriculture, and so it’s fitting that this event is coming to the Oregon State Fairgrounds.

I tip my hat to the organizers of this event because of where it will take place. The Oregon State Fairgrounds Pavilion is a government property, and getting the State of Oregon to agree to allow live plant exhibits was something that I’m sure wasn’t an easy task. The fact that this event is occurring where it’s occurring is huge. So huge that it can’t be understated how historic this event really is, and is really a sign of the times.

One thing that I love about the event is that it’s going to be on the weekend. So many events take place during the week when people like me who have a day job can’t attend. The Oregon Cannabis Growers’ Fair will be taking place on August 13-14. I’ll be there, and hope to see you there too. Below is more information about the event. You can purchase tickets at this link here, which start at just $20. You can also check out the event on Facebook:


Over 60 Grows will be showcasing their “Live” Cannabis plants. For the first time ever Oregon’s producers will be able to display live plants at the Cannabis Fair. Oregon is slated to be the premiere “Craft Cannabis” model state and this is an opportunity to view these live plants as well as meet the growers. There will be awards for the winning plants in several categories and the winners will be featured in the September DOPE Magazine, and have the opportunity to win over $10,000 in prizes!


This show is created for any grower already in the industry or someone looking to join the fastest growing industry. Whether you are licensed to grow thousands of plants or just 4 plants at home, this is the show for you. This is an opportunity to bring together the industry under one roof to learn from “master growers” share ideas, new technology, review rules and regulations, learn about testing and much more. This is a new and “budding” industry that is GROWING at rapid speed. This event is designed to bring together the industry and ensure success!


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