February 5, 2013

Oregon Legislative Marijuana Reform Money Bomb

February 5, 2013
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marijuana money bomb oregon legislatureI love my home state of Oregon. I hope all TWB readers will consider helping us out by making a donation to the very worthy cause below. If you live in Oregon, then you know how close we came to legalizing marijuana in 2012. This is your second chance to help Oregon join Colorado and Washington. If you live outside of Oregon, please know that if we had enough funds to run an even basic, consistent lobbying effort in conjunction with the reform veterans that are on the ground now putting in their hard work at the capital, I’m very confident that we can get a referral from the legislature for Oregon voters to approve in 2014. If so, we all win.

Do you live in a state that doesn’t have legal marijuana and you are pretty sure things won’t change between now and 2014? Then donate to this cause. Do you live in a state that already has legal marijuana, and want to keep the ball rolling? In the end, it adds to the number of states that have ended marijuana prohibition, and we all win, so please, consider making a donation today! Below is more information from the event’s Facebook page:

Go here to show your support:

February 6 at 12:00am until February 8 at 12:00am in PST

The Oregon Legislature is poised to consider several pieces of legislation this session that will help improve our marijuana laws. A bill adding PTSD as a qualifying condition to the Oregon Medical Marijuana Act has already been introduced and a hearing is scheduled for Thursday, February 7th. We also believe that bills increasing the amount of marijuana needed to garner a felony, regulating the medical marijuana supply system, and fully legalizing cannabis may also be introduced this session. Additionally, we may need to defeat bad bills, such as a bill denying medical marijuana patients their Second Amendment rights to acquire a concealed handgun license. To keep the momentum for reform alive, we must do everything in our power to ensure a successful legislative session.

The Senate Health and Human Services Committee will hold a hearing on a bill to add PTSD as a qualifying condition this Thursday at 3:00pm. It is a shame that soldiers who have fought for our country, as well as anyone who has undergone immense trauma, should be denied a nontoxic medicine that can alleviate their severe stress and improve their livelihood. We are in an excellent position to promote this proposal with this strategy:

• Organizing a pro-reform presence at every hearing on the PTSD bill and every bill that impacts cannabis laws.
• Identifying undecided legislators and encouraging their constituents who support the proposal to contact their legislator about the issue.
• Following up with people who contact their legislator, asking them to join our cause. This will allow us to organize face-to-face meetings with any legislator that still remains undecided and build our base of supporters to lobby for further reforms.

You have an exciting opportunity to support this effort today during our First Oregon Legislative Money Bomb! We believe that if we raise $2,000 we can help Oregon activists organize a supportive presence at every PTSD hearing and cultivate a relationship with legislators and their constituents that will allow Oregon activists to effectively promote future reforms. The Oregon cannabis community has the ability to have a successful legislative session, but we need to make sure all undecided legislators know exactly how their constituents feel about the issue and be effectively organized to impact every proposal affecting Oregon cannabis laws. Please help us show Oregon Legislators, the general public, and the entire state of Oregon that cannabis law reform is popular by supporting our legislative efforts today.

A generous donor has agreed to match up to $2,000 of every dollar raised between now and the Thursday PTSD hearing, so you have the opportunity to double your financial impact by participating in this important money bomb!

As an added bonus, if you contribute $50 or more, we will ship you a National Cannabis Coalition shirt. Please indicate your shirt size on the contribution form and if your shipping address is different from your billing address email me the correct address at anthony@nationalcannabiscoalition.com.

Please Note: Your receipt will come from American Victory Coalition, the National Cannabis Coalition. All donations from the donation page linked below are earmarked for this event and to be spent on legislative reform in Oregon.

Go here to show your support:


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