October 26, 2014

Oregon Moms Make A Strong Case To End Marijuana Prohibition

October 26, 2014
leah maurer oregon marijuana measure 91
leah maurer oregon marijuana measure 91
(Source: Oregon Measure 91 campaign)

Marijuana opponents try as hard as they can to make the case that they are just out to protect society from lazy stoners that just want to get high. They try to create a sense that the only people that want marijuana to be legal are those that want to get high and drive on our roads and slip marijuana to youth. That could not be farther from the truth. There are a lot of very responsible people out there that want marijuana to be legalized because it makes sense. It allows cops to go after real criminals, and as recent numbers have shown, marijuana legalization makes it harder for youth to acquire marijuana.

Sure, there are people out there that just want to legalize marijuana so that they can consume it legally, similar to how people are able to legally buy and consume alcohol (as they should!). But there are just as many people that just want to legalize marijuana because it quits wasting tax dollars, and at the same time generates more tax dollars. One of those people is Leah Maurer, a stay at home mom in Oregon that is helping lead the fight to end marijuana prohibition. Leah was recently quoted by Fox 12:

“I support it because under the current system, there is zero regulation, nothing at all. Currently, marijuana is everywhere and it’s easy for teens to get a hold of and for people in the black market to sell it to kids,” Maurer said.

“Where it’s coming from would be regulated. Who it’s going to would be regulated. I would feel much safer about that as a parent,” Maurer said.

“Under Measure 91 all of those law enforcement resources would be freed up and they would be able to focus on more violent crimes. Things I care more about as a parent,” Maurer said.

As a parent, I also want police to be focusing on catching real criminals. I don’t want to have an intruder in my house and call the cops and have them tell me there’s no one to send because they are going after someone for marijuana. Sure, I want marijuana to be legal so I can purchase it and consume it legally like people do with alcohol. But more so I want to be able to go to bed at night knowing that cops aren’t kicking in doors doing SWAT raids on a house rather than catching real criminals like pedophiles, rapists, and murders. I tip my hat to Mrs. Maurer, and to all the moms in Oregon and beyond that are fighting for what’s right! If you’re a mom who wants to get involved, or just wants to learn more, I highly encourage you to check out the ‘Moms for YES on Measure 91‘ Facebook page. Give them a ‘like’ too!


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