October 25, 2012

Oregonians For Law Reform Protests Exclusion Of Progressive Candidates From Portland City Club

October 25, 2012

robert bob wolfe portland city club debate protest progressive partyChief Petitioner Of Oregon Marijuana Legalization Initiative And Oregon Secretary Of State Candidate, Robert Wolfe, Excluded From Portland City Club Debate

Portland, Oregon – October 25, 2012 – “It’s time to move past the two-party stranglehold on ideas and democracy, and the oversize-influence of big money,” according to Robert Wolfe, Oregon’s Progressive Party Nominee for Secretary of State.

On Friday, Oregonians for Law Reform will join Wolfe and Green Party Candidate for Secretary of State Seth Woolley outside the Governor Hotel protesting Portland City Club’s exclusion of these candidates in Friday’s debate with major party candidates Knute Buehler and Kate Brown. The protest will start at 11:15 AM, in order to catch participants to the debate on their way in.

Oregonians for Law Reform, a Political Action Committee currently working in support of Measure 80 will be in attendance, and says its participation in the protest is in support of the inclusion of more voices in our democracy .

“The exclusion of progressive candidates like Robert Wolfe and Seth Woolley does nothing to advance the debate, and goes to show that Oregon still has a lot of work to do to improve the democratic process” said Sam Chapman, Co-Director of Oregonians for Law Reform.

Oregonians for Law Reform says they support any progressive voices that want to reform the initiative process, so that Oregon can lead the way in direct democracy. Most important amongst the issues being raised by those excluded from the debate, is the idea of allowing for online petition signing for registered Oregon voters. OLR believes this single improvement to Oregon’s initiative process will help to open up the process to more ideas and people, instead of more money and special interests.

“The exclusion of Robert Wolfe from the City Club debate ensures that progressive and forward thinking ideas such as online petition signing is left out of the conversation. This only helps to serve the interests of the status quo, which seeks to drown out the voice of Oregonians.” said Chapman.

Who:                  Oregonians For Law Reform
Progressive Party Nominee for Secretary of State, Robert Wolfe
Green Party Candidate for Secretary of State, Seth Woolley
Where:              The Governor Hotel, 614 SW 11th Ave
When:               Friday, October 26, 2012: protest at 11:15 AM, march begins at 12 noon


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