Organization Formed to Bring Marijuana Law Reform To Georgia

Georgia For Cannabis - G4C

Georgia For Cannabis Formed To Bring Marijuana Law Reform To Georgia

By Harry Petree

In the heart of Dixie, things have been quiet. There has been little or nothing happening in Georgia in regards to Cannabis for many years. But things are changing.

Georgia For Cannabis was started several months ago by a Facebook member because he was frustrated with the lack of activity in Georgia. Well it didn't take long for the several Marijuana activists in Georgia to rally to this banner. Many were disappointed by other local efforts at an organization to promote Cannabis. Georgia For Cannabis became the flag for a new movement.

Harry Petee, one of the disappointed activists, dove in and started putting organization to G4C. Harry has been involved in starting several organizations in the past and his experience has been valuable. Harry designed the organization, acquired the internet domain names, and has put up a website:

The organization is easy and versatile in concept. Georgia For Cannabis is made up of geographically located Action Groups. Any five activists in an area can come together and form an Action Group. They can operate independently or in coordination with other Action Groups.

G4C has three main focus groups: Medical Marijuana, Decriminalization, and Industrial Hemp. Any member in an Action Group can participate in any or all of the focus groups depending on their passion.

While G4C is still in its infancy, it has a strong core of dedicated activists that will see it grow and become a source of ongoing activities, educational resources, and legislative lobbying.

If you live in Georgia, come out of your “smoke closet” and join. If you don't live in Georgia, check out our resources. Harry has written very comprehensive Medical Marijuana legislation and your state may benefit from using it. You can download the “Georgia Compassionate Health Care Act” off the website.

With 15 states seeing the need for Medical Marijuana and many more trying to pass legislation regarding Cannabis, Georgia is moving to bring a most versatile plant to its proper legitimacy.