July 10, 2016

Outspoken NFL Player Eugene Monroe to Speak at Hash Bash 2017

July 10, 2016
Eugene Monroe

ANN ARBOR- Outspoken National Football League player and advocate for the legalized use of CBD medicines in professional sports, Eugene Monroe, has agreed to speak at the 2017 Hash Bash in Ann Arbor.

Monroe’s controversial stance regarding marijuana therapies for injured athletes has been mainstream media news material for several months now. It also almost certainly cost him his job as a professional football player with the Baltimore Ravens. Monroe is a Free Agent, having been released from the Ravens team after publishing his thoughts on marijuana.

The announcement of Monroe’s appearance at Hash Bash came from Mark Passerini, known as the Hash Bash’s producer, a principal in the Om of Medicine in Ann Arbor and founding President of the Illinois Cannabis Industry Association. “We are happy to announce that Eugene Monroe has agreed to speak at the 2017 Hash Bash,” Passerini said.


“I’m calling for the NFL to remove marijuana from the banned substances list; fund medical marijuana research, especially as it relates to CTE; and stop overprescribing addictive and harmful opioids,” Monroe wrote on his web site, eugenemonroe.com

Monroe doesn’t just talk the talk- he walks the walk, too.

“Baltimore Ravens offensive tackle Eugene Monroe donated $80,000 toward research by Johns Hopkins University and the University of Pennsylvania into how cannabinoid therapy affects NFL players,” per the sports news source bleacherreport.com.

Monroe told the Denver Post: “It’s hard to read how beneficial CBD is and not be able to take it, knowing that all of the symptoms that I’m experiencing as an athlete could potentially, or will be, remedied because it’s happened over and over again for people all over our country. There’s no reason for the NFL or other sports to test their players and punish them for consuming a substance that is benefiting them.”

Hash Bash has featured its share of celebrities in the past- from Presidential candidate Gary Johnson to Tommy Chong and musician Laith Al-Saadi (The Voice).

“It’s pretty simple…. when you come out as pro-pot and can draw some media I want you at Hash Bash,” said longtime event Emcee and ‘Mr. Hash Bash’, Adam L. Brook. “Last year Darren McCarty had just hit the mainstream media and I knew the he would be a big hit. I asked him if he would like a chance to tell his story and show his support for the movement, then made it happen.”

McCarty spoke during this year’s Hash Bash. The four-time Stanley Cup winner with the Detroit Red Wings gave a speech to be remembered about using cannabis-based medicines to defeat addictions to alcohol and prescription pills.

“Now that there are more athletes coming out for weed you will see them at pro-pot events,” Brook added. “Elected officials finally realized our events WERE places they wanted to be; the music industry did it; sick people did it; the question is, when will the mainstream do it and get rid of the reefer madness that still exists  everywhere in America?”


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