January 12, 2016

Sign The Petition To Impeach Maine Governor Paul LePage Over Racist Drug War Comments

January 12, 2016
Paul LePage maine governor racist
Paul LePage maine governor racist
(image via Salon.com)

In a recent town hall meeting, Maine Governor Paul Le Page made the incredibly racist comments that out-of-state drug dealers “with the name D-Money, Smoothie, Shifty” are impregnating the “young white” girls of Maine.

These remarks, which hearken back to the beginning of cannabis prohibition in the 1930s, are reprehensible and completely unacceptable. Due to this, we ask that you please sign the petition calling for the immediate impeachment of Governor LePage. If you agree that Governor LePage should be impeached over these comments, please sign the petition by clicking here.

Signing this petition will send an e-mail to every member of Maine’s Senate and House of Representatives, urging them to vote to impeach Governor LePage over these absurd comments.

Once again, the petition can be found at Change.org by clicking here.

Source: The Joint Blog – syndicated with special permission


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