January 12, 2016

Pittsburgh NORML Bets Colorado NORML On Steelers/Broncos Game

January 12, 2016
NFL is Interested in Studies of Cannabis for Pain
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Executive Director of Pittsburgh NORML ( http://PittsburghNorml.org ) Patrick K. Nightingale challenged Board Member of Colorado NORML ( http://ColoradoNorml.org ) Chris Chiari to a friendly wager on the Steelers/Broncos game this coming weekend and the stakes are as you can say HIGH!

If Pittsburgh wins the game then Chris from CO Norml will personally provide one ounce of marijuana. Chris Chiari of CO NORML says “I’m offering to host some of the folks from Pittsburgh NORML for a house party, they’ll have to come here to legally consume their winnings. It’s exciting to see the City of Pittsburgh move forward with their decriminalization efforts.” Mr. Chiari adds, “Hopefully the rest of the state will follow suit and eventually fully legalize so that they can take advantage of some of the over 70 million tax dollars generated last fiscal year in Colorado which was nearly double what alcohol brought in.” If Denver wins the game then Patrick from Pgh Norml will send the equal retail amount of Pittsburgh based liquor brands Wigle Whiskey ( http://wiglewhiskey.com ) and Clique Vodka ( http://CliqueVodka.com ) out to their friends in Colorado.

Patrick states; “While the City of Pittsburgh and the Office of the Mayor just signed decriminalization into effect, state wide cannabis remains illegal. We at Pittsburgh Norml contend that weed is safer than alcohol we must still abide by the laws of our state.” Nightingale further proclaims, “We just made some pretty major headlines with the NFL and Steelers franchise a few months back with our logo issue so we are hoping the team can make some headlines for us and help us draw awareness to our cause as even most players would benefit from the healing properties of cannabis vs. traditional narcotics.”

Pittsburgh NORML is a local chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws. We formed our chapter in October, 2009, after activists in Pittsburgh learned that Pennsylvania’s first medicinal marijuana bill had been introduced in the Pennsylvania House. For more information: Patrick K. Nightingale, Pittsburgh NORML – 412.225.7959 or pknlaw@mac.com

Source: Pittsburgh NORML press release


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